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      My fellow travelers we all have to begin at the beginning. That beginning can be now if you wish. Actually it began for us a long time ago in this present cycle. The beauty is that the end really never comes. Little stops and starts but never a final ending. My beloved benefactor (Shelly) one said, "Steve, I know you have a lot of plans just remember you have eternity to do them all." The answer to the all, the everything and the nothing is in the holy inner silence.

That being said, the answer is:

  • Enjoy meditation

  • Meditate deeply

  • Meditate longer

    You have an appointment with the Cosmic Dreamer of all that is.

    Picture: Steve Cozzi

          Steven Cozzi like many others of his generation began his spiritual search in the 60's. After serving in the United States Air Force and living the life of a hippie, Steve was drawn toward the path of Kriya Yoga.

    He was introduced into the technique of Kriya in August of 1968. In March of 1969 he meet his teacher Shelly Trimmer in Bradington, Florida. This was the beginning of a twenty-seven year spiritual friendship. Over this time period of time, Steven was fortunate enough to be able to visit Shelly twenty-five times. Steven was granted permission to tape Shelly's discourses; he was able to record approximately 150 hours of audio. These tapes provided the foundation for a book entitled, "Gray Mist at Dawn, Kriya Yoga's Hidden Master."

    Steve has also been a practicing astrologer since 1969. He is recognized as a world authority in the area of "location astrology". This type of astrology deals with relocation, direction ability, and "local space" a form of astro-Feng Shay. He is the author of the classic book, "Planets in Locality". Steve's manner of teaching is very down to earth, humorous and straightforward. He has been described as foresighted, controversial, emotional, yet always practical and dedicated. Steven's teachings focus on the results of right actions, right attitudes, and right application of techniques.

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